Placement Test Registration

Placement Exam Guide: Please review the placement exam guide before attempting to take the English, math, or foreign language exams: Placement Exam Guide (2017).pdf

English & Math Placement Exams:

  • New Students: Not all new students are required to take an English and/or math placement exam. Students who are required will receive detailed instructions via the email they provided on their application. All English and math exams are taken online from home.
  • Current Students: All English & math exams are now taken online from home. If required to take an English and/or math placement test, please contact our office for instructions.
  • Math Practice Questions: Please click here for math review sheets and math practice questions. 

Foreign Language Placement Exams:  

  • New Students: You must complete your foreign language exam online. The Office of New Student Programs will email you additional instructions once it becomes available. Please keep checking the email you provided on the application in the meantime. 
  • Current Students: You may wait to complete your foreign language exam online. If you need foreign language placement results in order to register for a Summer 2017 class, you may complete the exam in-person on the Camden campus. If you will complete the exam in-person, please list your availability in the comment section. We are generally available Mondays (12 PM), Wednesdays (3 PM & 4 PM), and Fridays (2:30 & 3:30 PM). 

If you are unsure whether or not you are required to take the foreign language placement exam, please review the following website:  

You must notify us if you cannot make your exam at least 24 hours in advance. Placement exams may only be taken once.                                                                         

NOTICE: When scheduling your foreign language exam in-person, please keep in mind it may take approximately three to four weeks to receive your results. Please schedule accordingly.

Testing Accommodations: Please click here for more information. Accommodations must be approved prior to registering for the exam.

QUESTIONS?: Feel free to contact the Office of New Student Programs with any questions at or at (856) 225-6689.


If you are unsure of your RUID number, please call or email our office for assistance.
Foreign language exams take one hour to complete. The placement test cannot be retaken.
If you cannot attend any of the dates listed, please add your availability in the box above.
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