General Transfer

Students formerly matriculated at regionally accredited institutions outside of Rutgers University may be entitled to credit based upon the following conditions:

  • All credits are evaluated by the appropriate academic department in consultation with the appropriate dean.   Please note that academic departments often have restrictions on the application of transfer courses toward specific major or minor requirements.
  • Transfer credits are awarded for courses in which the grade earned is a C (2.00) or above. Note that all grades from outside institutions, though reported on the student’s initial evaluation report, are not posted to the Rutgers transcript or included in the Rutgers cumulative grade-point average.
  • The following limits are set on the maximum number of degree credits transferable in to Rutgers:

                          - A maximum of 60 credits from two-year institutions

                          - A maximum of 90 credits from four-year institutions

                          - Your last 30 credits must be taken at Rutgers-Camden in order to earn a degree.

If a student transfers in credits over the maximum allowable from either a 2-year or 4-year institution, a consultation with an advisor in the school in which they were admitted is required to determine courses to remain on the record and which to eliminate. 

Transient Credit

As an enrolled student at Rutgers University, a student wishing to take additional courses from outside institutions must receive Transient Credit Approval. Please contact an advisor in the school in which you were admitted for instructions on obtaining such approval.

 School 50: College of Arts & Sciences/University College
 School 57: School of Nursing
 School 64: University College
 School 52: School of Business