NJ Transfer and NJ Statewide Transfer Agreement

NJ Transfer

NJ TRANSFER (njtransfer.org) is the website which assists in determining which courses taken at a New Jersey county or community college will transfer to Rutgers University-Camden.  NJ TRANSFER was developed as a joint initiative of the New Jersey Commission on Higher Education and the New Jersey Presidents' Council. Its many features will assist you in learning:

  • Which courses to select at a community college 
  •  How the courses will satisfy four-year degree requirements
  • Where you can transfer your county and community college courses in New Jersey, how to contact a New Jersey college or university if you need information about admissions, transferring courses, or transfer recruitment events
  • Which professional fields are in high demand in the State, as well as other job opportunities
  • Additional information for students who have earned an Associate in Arts or an Associate in Science from a New Jersey county or community college

NJSWTA: The NJ Statewide Transfer Agreement

There is a review of all NJ community college transfer student records for AA and AS degree holders to determine compliance with the NJ Statewide Transfer Agreement.  See: http://www.state.nj.us/highereducation/PDFs/XferAgreementOct08.pdf  for the fully documented legislation. 

In the case of students who successfully complete an Associate in Arts or an Associate in Science (not applicable for an Associates of Applied Science) from a New Jersey county or community college and apply directly to Rutgers-Camden, all relevant academic courses taken at the community college awarding the degree are accepted for transfer credit (60 credit maximum). Please see njtransfer.org to determine those courses eligible for transfer.   Credits earned beyond the requirements for the degree program are evaluated by ONSP for transfer on a course-by-course basis.