Unofficial Evaluation of Transfer Credits

Thank you for your interest in Rutgers University - Camden! 

Prospective students may utilize the following tool(s) for a general idea of how their college-level coursework will transfer into the institution. 

  • NJTransfer
    • NJTransfer is the best resource for students transferring from a New Jersey Community College. Click on the link above and select your community college from the drop down menu. Select "Rutgers-Camden-CCAS,UC,Nursing" from the second, "Transfer to" drop down menu to see if your class is transferable to Rutgers-Camden.  
  • View the Rutgers-Camden Transfer Database
    • The Rutgers-Camden transfer database is the best resource for students transferring from a four-year institution. Log in, or create a guest account, to see how your four-year college credits transferred to Rutgers-Camden. If your institution has not been evaluated previously, it may not appear on the drop down menu. 

If you do not find the information you need through the above resources, the Office of New Student programs is able to complete an unofficial transfer evaluation for prospective students.  Unofficial transcript evaluations will be completed within 30 business days during normal volume times (September to February).  Unofficial Evaluation requests sent during high-volume times (March - August) may take longer. Any questions regarding this process can be email to     

Please be aware unofficial transfer evaluations evaluation are subject to change once the student is officially admitted to the university.  The unofficial evaluation provided here is for general reference purposes only.  Official transfer evaluations will be completed at the time of the student's admission and acceptance into Rutgers University-Camden. 

The RUID # is a nine digit number given to students when they are admitted to Rutgers-Camden. If you do not have an RUID number, please leave the box above blank.
If you do not have a transcript, please add the course names and numbers above.